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The Accountant’s Guide to Managing Supply Chain Disruption

Examine the causes of supply chain disruption and how to reduce their impacts.


Most consumers never think about the supply chain. It’s an invisible network that somehow sources and transports goods from halfway around the world so we can purchase them in our local stores.

However, thanks in large part to the recent, global-scale disruptions to supply chains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the visibility of the supply chain is increasing. The public is more knowledgeable about it than ever before, but, unfortunately, only because of the upheaval that currently surrounds it.

As an accountant, you’re painfully aware of these supply chain problems — but you’re also in a position to make a difference. A new Caseware eBook, The Accountant’s Guide to Managing Supply Chain Disruption – will: 

  • Examine the key areas accountants need to focus on to counter the calamity surrounding their organizations’ and clients’ supply networks
  • Serve up useful tips and strategies
  • Look at the role new technologies can play to help mitigate the harmful fallout of supply chain disruptions – both those occurring today and those of tomorrow.

This important and timely guide also looks at the key causes of supply chain disruption, including: pandemic pressures; reduced manufacturing capacity; port, shipping and transport delays; and increased consumer demand.

We also look at how supply chain disruption Is impacting finance department functions and what accountants and auditors can do to reduce their impacts. These solutions focus on inventory management and valuation; receivables recovery; asset recovery and impairment; and cash flow management.

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