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Unlock the power of data-driven engagements with Caseware IDEA

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Add analytics to your engagement workflow

With more transactions happening online, you now have more data to comb through, more anomalies to identify and a wide range of trends and patterns to analyze. This means you need to make a shift toward incorporating analytics into assurance engagements to deliver high-quality audits with improved efficiency.

Caseware IDEA, our leading global audit analytics software, seamlessly integrates with Caseware Working Papers and Caseware Cloud to offer a one-stop, easy-to-use, data-driven approach for external auditors, accountants and data analysts.


Import data from multiple sources quickly and easily

Caseware Cloud Import makes it possible to import financial data from more than 90 accounting packages with no effort. Also import data into Caseware IDEA from multiple ERPs and databases using formats like Excel, Adobe PDF and others.

Accelerate your risk-based auditing with intelligent analytics

Caseware IDEA includes SmartAnalyzer, which features pre-built workflows and more than 100 analytical tests. Leverage a suite of financial audit tests to quickly identify out-of-balance journal entries, transactions, duplicate invoices and large inventory amounts.

Leverage pre-built tests to analyze all your data

Caseware IDEA includes popular tests like Benford’s Law, Fuzzy Duplicate, Gap Detections and more. Dig deeper into your client’s data with the advanced analytics offered in the IDEA Lab to maximize audit efficiency.

Utilize powerful visualization capabilities for impactful reporting

Use Discover and Visualize functionality to quickly comb through data with customized dashboards and visualization functions. IDEA seamlessly integrates with applications like PowerBI, Tableau and Excel for easier data analysis and decision-making.

Enhance your collaboration with Caseware Cloud capabilities

Securely access Caseware Cloud to view and store data from anywhere in the world. Caseware Cloud also makes it simple to share data with users, clients and other stakeholders in a secure environment.


Enhance audit quality

Enhance audit quality

Deliver fact-based insights by leveraging advanced analytics and sophisticated data visualization and reporting capabilities, while automating workflows with ease.
Save time and money

Save time and money

Reduce the complexity and time of audit procedures with minimal user training and by leveraging SmartAnalyzer’s built-in workflows and more than 100 automated tests.
Manage compliance needs

Manage compliance needs

Ensure consistency across engagements as everyone in your firm runs the same sets of analytics in accordance with your methodology.
Unlock hybrid capabilities

Unlock hybrid capabilities

Leverage additional benefits of working within the Caseware ecosystem, such as deeper insights from practice-wide data and improved client and team collaboration.
Explore new service offerings

Explore new service offerings

Complement your client service solutions by including data analytics in your engagements, providing valuable data-driven insights to customers.
Record every step

Record every step

Caseware IDEA builds a clear audit trail that allows for repeatable analysis and audit evidence, providing a highly accurate and reliable record.

Supporting tools

Get the most out of your Caseware IDEA experience

Use these modules to run more tests on your data and improve your audit quality.

  • IDEA Lab

    IDEA Lab provides a wide range of tasks and industry-specific functionality, including outlier detection, data profiling, unstructured data analysis, audit tests and utilities.

  • SmartAnalyzer

    SmartAnalyzer is a collection of queries and tasks that can be used to improve audit quality and consistency. It offers an extensive set of routines for the analysis of the general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets and accounts payable transactions.

  • Passport

    Passport is Caseware IDEA’s all-in-one user portal, which hosts software downloads, tutorials, videos, SmartAnalyzer apps, sample scripts, custom functions, tech tips, industry-related content and much more.

Access additional features

Our plug-ins expand the capabilities of your Caseware IDEA deployment.

  • Exceptional Exceptions

    Uses audit intelligence and machine learning techniques to generate risk-based samples and provide an overview of risk areas to identify notable journal entries and focus audit efforts on items posing the highest risk of fraud or error.

  • Financials

    Offers a collection of 100+ smart audit tests for faster, detailed analysis of the general ledger and important subledgers to easily detect anomalies, exceptions or outliers.

  • Journal Entry

    Offers 20+ audit tests focusing on journal entries, plus integrated workflows between procedures and IDEA for Analytics, to help users carry out audit tests directly and save the evidence back into their engagement.

  • MUS Random Sample

    Provides an alternative sampling method for the IDEA Monetary Sampling routine. MUS Random Sample allows for a purely random sample based on the monetary unit and not the transaction.

  • Outliers

    Looks for unusual items (outliers) within a database by analyzing the different categories and amount combinations.

  • Trial Balance — Transaction Reconciliation

    The plug-in creates a reconciliation database that joins the trial balance database with the transaction database and also creates a different database that highlights any reconciliation differences.

Boost your IDEA capabilities

Use these tools to complement your core IDEA features.

  • Cloud import utility

    Integrate IDEA accounting software directly with more than 90 accounting software packages. Fetch information, such as trial balance, seamlessly and in a consistent format.

Support & FAQs

Can a firm benefit from Caseware IDEA for External Audit even if they are not using Working Papers?


Yes, even without using Working Papers templates, auditors and accountants can leverage IDEA’s SmartAnalyzer apps to automate and analyze financial data such as general ledgers, sub-ledgers, purchase card transactions and more.

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